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Three Years Later...

Hey, everyone! If there is still anyone watching this place. I recently got a message about doing another round of the Original Character Big Bang. I'll admit, I was surprised there was still interest. It's been quiet around these parts.

I thought I wouldn't have time, but the idea intrigues me again. If we go ahead with this, I'll need a partner. Or two.

So, to gauge interest...

1) Do you want to do another round of Original Character Big Bang?
2) Would you be willing to help me out if we do this?
3) Do you want to keep it here on LJ or move it to DW?

Comment with your thoughts and we'll see how this goes!


OCBB Master List

Yay! We have reached the end of the second Original Character Big Bang! Many writers signed up, but only five were victorious! Please take time to read the stories, look at the artwork, and give feedback to those who created them.

A Space for Faith (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) - story by beatrice_otter, art by rainyrocket
Blackwood Creek (Supernatural) - story by blackat_t7t, art by dragonsinger
Coming Full Circle (Primeval) - story by enochiansigils, art by azarsuerte
Crosswind (The Dresden Files) - story by medie, art by weaselett

See y'all next year!


Coming Full Circle

Title: Coming Full Circle
Author: enochiansigils and not_from_stars
Artist: azarsuerte (Thank you!)
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/Characters (if no pairing): Kahlil Pierce/Niki Becker
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Completely AU and makes mention of things that happened in the past for Niki's family. Some events made up or embellished for explanations of attitudes.
Word Count: 26,403
Summary: Being in love with the daughter of Captain Becker, Abby Maitland and Connor Temple isn't easy. It's even harder when you're the exact image of your uncle -- a man who hurt them more than anyone else ever has. However, Kahlil Pierce hasn't let that deter him -- especially when he knows that Niki Becker loves him just as much. When Niki doesn't return with the rest of her team after an excursion through an anomaly, Kahlil doesn't stop to think before he goes in to look for her. Finding his injured girlfriend was the easy part. Trapped on the wrong side of anomaly with no way to get home, Kahlil has to use all of his skills to keep Niki safe while at the same time having faith that her family will find a way to bring them home.

Link To Fic With Cover Art: One || Two || Three || Four || Five || Six || Seven || Eight

Link To Text Only On AO3: Coming Full Circle

Blackwood Creek

Title- Blackwood Creek
Author- blackat_t7t
Fandom- Supernatural
Ship- Logan Taylor/Jacob “Jake” Wright
Rating- PG-13
Warnings- slash, violence, language
Wordcount- 54,000+
Summary- Jake spends the school year living a boring civilian life with his mother, but in the summer he goes to Blackwood Creek, a sort of summer camp for hunters' children where they learn the tricks of the trade. This year, there's a new camper at Blackwood Creek: a boy named Logan who has assisted his father on many hunts but is being left behind on a truly dangerous one. Jake, who has never actually hunted before, idolizes Logan, but Logan sees Jake as a naive child. Then Logan's father stops answering his calls, and Logan attempts to run away from Blackwood Creek to find him. Jake, seeing an opportunity to prove his hunting ability to Logan and to himself, forces Logan to let him go along. Can these two half-trained boys survive their first unaided hunt?
Beta- skylar_matthews
Artist- dragonsinger
Link to Fic Masterpost- here
Link to Fanmix- here

Apoogies for lateness; I underestimated how long it would take to post 12 chapters. Also, they are dated out of order to avoid blowing up people's friends pages. I didn't actually start posting until today.

A Space for Faith

Title: A Space For Faith
Author: beatrice_otter
Artist: rainyrocket
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Characters: Tora Manar, Soval (not the one from Enterprise)
Rating: G
Word Count: 22,758
Note: betaed by merfilly
Summary: Tora Manar grew up in the camps, during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. She loves Bajor, but she's ready to see the galaxy. Now Bajoran separatists threaten to end her Starfleet career before it can really get started.
Link to Fic: A Space For Faith
Link to Art: A Space for Faith Art

A Space for Faith.  Starring Aishwarya Rai as Tora Manar.  Banner by Rainyrocket.

Let the Posting Begin!

Um, sorry about the lateness of this post. I had to work today.

Anyway, those who have signed up can go ahead and post your stories. Writers will post first, and then artists will follow.

Writer Format:

Pairing/Characters (if no pairing):

Artist Format:


Now let's see some stories!


Posting Dates

We have 15 days until posting begins! I can't to see all the stories and the art. (I'm very excited.)

I don't know about other big bangs, but we strive to make this one as easy as possible. Writers, I have a list of dates below. Choose the date you would like to post your story. Two writers may choose the same date.

We do it this way so friends' lists won't be bombarded with so many posts and so everybody's story can shine.

First come, first served!

October 15 - beatrice_otter and blackat_t7t
October 16 - enochiansigils, not_from_stars
October 17
October 18 - medie and tour_treasure

Before posting starts, I'll supply the format so don't sweat it. :)


All Claimed

All the stories have artists. Yay!!! I'm so excited!

ETA: Artists, if I didn't say it before, you can contact your writer to work out picture issues. If I didn't give you your writer's name, please let me know. (It's my last semester in school...I'm so scatterbrained.)

Have fun! I can't wait to see what you come up with. :)